I was driving down US 41 and passed by the local McDonalds when I noticed the sign that the McRib is back. That was enough to get me to turn around and pull in. While there are many BBQ snobs out there, myself one of them, I still find the McRib to be delightful. The McRib is a tasty piece of mystery pork, BBQ sauce, onion, served on a hoagie roll. The sandwich is quite delicious served with a correct sauce/meat/bun ratio. The McRib is messy, but not messy enough that you would have to worry about your clothes. Their BBQ sauce is quite tasty, especially for a fast food place, which is proof that McDonalds testing kitchen is doing its job. The main thing about the McRib is that you can be anywhere in the country whether it's in Maine or Alaska, and you can get an instant BBQ fix. The McRib is not very filling, and it takes two to get my fix.The McRib, served with an order of fries (McDonalds fries are the best fast food fries in the universe) is a meal worth stopping by and savoring. While I love my stand alone BBQ places and frequent them often, there will always be a special place in my heart and stomach for a McRib.

Sadly, the McRib is one of those sandwiches that McDonalds brings out only every so often. If the McRib were on the menu all of the time, I'd probably eat at McDonalds a lot more than the couple of times a month I normally go there.


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