Market Rhythms, from James Sogi

January 19, 2009 |

 The market has had a daily rhythm known in the blues as a shuffle; di dah, di dah, di dah. You might also hear this in William Tell's overture.

Marlowe Cassetti replies:

An interesting thought. Has anyone transcribed market movements to a musical score and does the playing this "music" have any predictive significance?

Dr. Janice Dorn comments:

Tom Hamilton has done some interesting work in this area. I have his CD, London Fix–Music Changing With The Price Of Gold.

I do not believe there is predictive significance, but I have not tested this.

Marlowe Cassetti writes:

I listened to the excerpt of "London Fix" and it is beautiful. Certainly not random tones.

Last year I built a mole chaser that comprised of a micro-chip that generated random tones. While testing it on my workbench I literally got nauseated listening to it. My wife forbid me from running it in the house. The moles weren't too fond of it either.


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