The biggest love delusion is illusion. When you feel the irresistible attraction of the first dates, you think she has something special, unique that you cannot miss even for a minute. But with time inevitably daydreams vanish. And you discover a different person. That you don't understand. That you don't know. That you don't like anymore. You remain with the bitter feeling of failure. Once again.

It is similar when you apply a market model that works for some time. All parameters perfectly synchronized with the price action, you are mesmerized by such perfection and beauty. Price swings follow the rhythm that you have perceived and coded. Invariably cycles change and the same parameters and logic applied appear so inadequate and awkward you feel almost ashamed to have considered them in the first place. You remain with the bitter feeling of failure. But for some time, the illusion to have found your meal for a life time remains. The illusion to have found the woman of your life.





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