Love Delusion, from R. Sole

January 7, 2009 |

 I love trading because I love the game. So far that doesn’t seem to have harmed me, quite the opposite. I don’t love action, study for its own sake, or particular positions. I strive for perfection in trading, and thus my sole concern is to have on the best positions possible at any given time, and I find that I get closer to this by trying to trade well rather than churn, spout analysis or commentary without placing positions, or sit on horrific losers as account equity goes up in smoke.

In relationships, I don’t feel I make up an idealized version of someone. Maybe this is why I’ve never married nor have plans to. In my opinion, only those inexperienced in romance fall for this basic error. As a prevention I recommend dating at least two dozen members of the opposite sex before committing to any kind of serious relationship such as marriage or cohabitation. By this point you will know “love delusions” for what they are — an evolutionary trick designed to tempt you into producing children before it is in your own interest to do so. You’re then more likely to commit for genuine reasons of mutual compatibility and respect, rather than passing hormonal imbalances. In trading and love, as in life, experience is the antidote to delusion and falsehood.





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