Start with 10 companies, each with 100 shares worth $1 each. Each player starts with $100. Player 1 rolls dice, and can choose to buy as many shares as they can afford of company # (# = numerical roll of dice) from the IB.

The price of shares in each company starts at $1, but once a player owns some of it, the price to new players increases: to $2 once 20% of shares owned by players, to $3 once 30% of shares owned by players, to $4 once 40% of shares owned by players… to $10 once 100% of shares owned by players.

If player X wants to buy shares of company Y, and some or all of Y shares are owned by other players, the owning players can choose to sell their shares.

After a few rounds, shares in the different companies are worth different amounts depending on buying by players. A player's "Net worth" is sum of a current share values + cash. Rolling "mammaries" (double 1's) is a divorce: give half your net to the nearest female player, and pay her 50% of your cash after each time you roll. The winner is the player with the highest net worth on "retirement". Retirement occurs 2 hours after the game started, or when all the Wassail is gone –which ever comes first.


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