Some Good Q, from Big Al

December 20, 2008 |

 Enjoyed a couple of good Q joints in OK and TX on a recent drive through. Pix here.

Rick's in Ardmore, OK: On I-35 between OKC and Dallas, you take exit 31A and head east through town, literally crossing the railroad tracks to East Main, and Rick's will be on your left. Outstanding ribs and sauce. He has much more, which I plan to taste when next make the drive, and the ribs were so good, that's justification in itself. Besides the fact that there's lots of pretty country around there.

Dairyland in Jacksboro, TX: Heading west from Dallas, I didn't feel like taking the normal route up 287 to Wichita Falls and then Amarillo and I-40, so I just headed straight west on 114 from Denton. Which put me in Jacksboro round about lunchtime, and there was Dairyland just waiting for me. Again, I had ribs. And again, they were good. Though I would have to give the edge to Rick in the rib department. However, I plan to return to Dairyland and try the chicken, as well as the milk shakes (made with soft-serve ice cream) and other delicacies.

It was good. I wanted more. One day, I will get more.

Pitt T. Maner III observes:

Good Q is hard to beat.

I have been working in the Baton Rouge Area for the past 6 months and this one off I-10 near Gulfport, Miss. has a neat combination of good BBQ and the Blues and is a good stop on the way to/from South Florida.

Now in Baton Rouge they say that Voodoo BBQ is amongst the best and its pretty good:

But the folks at Roadside BBQ near Jackson, La. on Hwy 61 on the way from Baton Rouge to Natchez are real nice and have fine BBQ. The owner actually served BBQ in New York City after 911 to the relief workers. Have not had the chance to visit the Oakley Plantation-Audobon House but it is just up the road in St. Francisville, La.


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