There are many companies whose existence provides a foundation in the main for other companies to survive like the carrier shells in the Xenophora branch.

I would consider the car companies carrier shells as they provided for so many part suppliers to make billions, including all the GPS companies recently that sold out at values greater than the carrier. Whole Foods down some 80% is proud of all it did to make billions for so many companies that sold it products and then were bought out or went public. The same would be true for the electronic retail stores, that sell so many good electronic devices so efficiently that have made so many fortunes. What other carrier shell type companies do readers find relevant?

Steve Ellison adds:

There have been many companies that used IBM as a carrier shell, for example, Amdahl, EDS, and BMC Software [not to mention Compaq and the whole PC-compatible industry of the 1980s]. The big software companies, including Microsoft, Oracle and SAP, are all carrier shells for numerous independent software vendors and systems integrators that provide installation services, auxiliary programs, or consulting to help users navigate the complexities of the big companies' products.

Mike Humbert writes:

How about farms? They turned equiptment companies like Deere, fertilizer companies like POT and MOS, and seed companies like Monsanto into rocket ships.


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