Youtube video of Mr. Madoff. Is there anything that can be detected from his body language? He makes a point of emphasizing how difficult it would be for anyone to get away with anything in today's regulatory environment. He touches his face a few times.

All in all he has that avuncular, reassuring manner but perhaps there is something a bit too pompous there.

Victor Niederhoffer observes:

As the avuncular old man said in the youtube interview (5:22), "it's virtually impossible to violate a regulation and not be detected for any length of time in today's regulatory environment." This certainly is an indirect form of bringing down the guard of the skeptical. But its more than that. I guess this is grabbing the lion by the beard or the great Willie dressed as a policeman in front of the bank he's planning to rob. Something else I'm missing here, also in the scratching of the face as he smiles. Victoria is an expert on body language lying techniques and I'm going to ask her to consult with Anatoly and report back.


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