I received a couple of bottles of Jack Miller's BBQ sauce in the mail this afternoon from a Cajun fishing buddy who still lives in the bayou. Jack Miller's is a very interesting Cajun BBQ sauce, straight from a small family owned business in Ville Platte, La. I have very fond memories of this sauce, as this same friend introduced me to it 25 years ago. The sauce is quite rare outside of a very small part of Louisiana, and is indescribably delicious. Jack Miller's sauce is heavy on the tomatoes and spices, and goes great with everything from beef, pork, and chicken, to BBQ alligator tail. Opening the box with the sauce, I couldn't wait to taste it on a sandwich, and ended up driving over to Sonny's BBQ to buy a couple of pounds of sliced pork. I brought the pork home, put heaps of it on Wonder bread, slathered Jack Miller's sauce over it, and ate the messy combination with gusto. Three sandwiches later, my hunger was sated, my shirt was messy, and I took a well deserved nap.


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