Tonight I sit at my computer and hear the wind outside moving my wife's wind chimes. It is a very cold evening with snow on the ground and ice on the roads and walks and a good night to be at home. I have been to downtown Cleveland on nights like this for football games and have seen poor souls sleeping next to heated grates on the sidewalks or under blankets and newspapers on the park benches. People look the other way so not to have to acknowledge them. Many will say they are there by their own volition. I just visited my fridge and find it so full I can barely close the door!  I was recently at our local Bob Evan's Restaurant and inside the door they have a tree (through the Salvation Army) that has tags with names of needy children on the branches. Vickie and I always take a couple of tags and buy a gift for a deserving child. This Christmas season many a child will have nothing under the tree (or even a tree) to occupy their time on cold winter nights. I cannot save the world, but can bring some cheer through taking some of my own time to buy a gift or two for those much less fortunate than I. I have a nice warm home and a clean bed and my cupboards are full to the doors with food. One can reason that many are in a bad way due to drugs, drinking, smoking, gambling. But one needs to take the time to reflect on how one is blessed in so many ways. I consider time in my own life a very precious commodity and do my best to manage my time and do some good in any way I can each day. Tomorrow after church we have baskets to deliver to our shut-ins. I will take the time to deliver some baskets to our local nursing homes where many there never see anyone other than the staff on hand during the year. The sands of time stop for no one and one day the silver cord will be loosed for all of us. So take the time and see how you can do some good over the holidays and any time during the year. The time will be well spent, I can assure you.


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