Trading is a physical endeavor requiring stamina, quickness and alertness. Physical training benefits the trader as any sportsman. Long hours at the screen take a physical toll. There is no mind body duality, and the body affects the mind and emotions and decisions. There are many parallels between music theory and the markets and why not in the physical and mental aspects of playing music and the market.

I am studying voice and singing under the theory of The Tao and the Voice by Stephen Cheng. He suggests a series of Tai Chi warmup exercises for singing. His approach would be beneficial to trading warmups or breaks. I know I like to go sing a few songs with loud electric guitar and big amplifiers during breaks to get away from the screen. Gets the lungs to open up. Yoga helps too. The Japanese Salariman has a routine to stretch the up body from sitting hunched over a screen or desk too long which they all do together in the office. Chair likes to go an play tennis during his trading breaks as the quotes are called out the window, “New lows on the day!”

One of the exercises involves circling your hand in circles above the head. The effect of this is to integrate the left and right sides of the brain. Some of the difficulties in decision making on trades is in the left and right brain functions. Perhaps the experts could add on this subject. The motions physically cross signals in the two brain halves and get them working together better. When my kids were little they taught them at school to rub their ears and turn figure eights with either hand in front of their bodies across both sides saying,” I love school”. It became a joke, but it may have some good effects. Now all chant, “I love trading, I love trading”.

Western philosophy and religion adopt the premise of the disembodiment of the spirit from the body in terms of soul and the ultimate. This leads to many issues which can be approached differently by integrating body and mind, the inside and outside, not as separate things, but as a unified process. We are after all part of the market and it is part of us.





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