Yo Yo, from Jim Sogi

December 4, 2008 |

 Yo yos were popular at various times when I was a kid. The basic yo yo movement was up and down the length of the string. As the speed built up, one could make the yo yo sleep by spinning a while at the bottom of the string as the yo yo spun. If it didn't sleep long, the yo yo would come back up pretty fast. If it slept too long, sometimes it used up the spin and would not come all the way back up. If you really did it hard, and the string was old, it would break and drop to the ground.

Recent market action reminds me of kid days yo yo ing. The market yo yos up and down the length of the string. It bounces up fast, some times spinning a bit on the bottoms. The length of the string is about equal. Its better than a couple of weeks ago when the string kept breaking. Like the yo yo fads of old, soon the fad wore out and was gone. Probably same with the market.


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