My wife will be calling to me any minute to come join the family for a Thanksgiving Feast!

What a wonderful day it is. Sunny, bluebird skies, about 52 degrees.The day started off the usual way. I awoke at about 6:30 and laid in bed with my snuggle buddy, Hunter (aka Boosh). Yesterday he turned ten and wanted to have a "Daddy and Booshie Night" so we went down to the guest room and spent the night snuggling, and telling him stories about when he was "young." He always like to hear about when he was born and how long it took to get him to breath and how much it scared us. Of course, there are many other stories told, along with some back rubs and face stroking. We didn't last too long last night as we were both tired. Not sure who fell asleep first, but my boy fell asleep in my arms.
After a hearty breakfast of bacon, eggs, and biscuits that Gwen prepared for David and I, David and I left to go to the annual Thanksgiving morning Men's football game with the guys and missionaries from our church. David was quite excited as this was his first year to play.

Although it's "touch football", it's actually quite physical and competitive. Although a few of the younger guys get their dander up (especially when one of the old competitive guys gigs'em pretty good), the anger wears down quickly and the fun continues. This year we had enough players for 4 teams so we had two simultaneous games going, we got out of the morning pretty well intact. One of the missionaries got a broken nose, I got a cut on my right hand, and one of the older guys (48) got a slight concussion (on the last play of the game…unfortunately, I was the one to deliver that blow. It wasn't intentional, and he took it in good stride, but still, he hit his head pretty hard on the ground).

Afterwards, we all enjoyed Gatorade and Krispy Kreme Donuts that someone brought for all to enjoy.

The game ended not a moment too soon. I could feel my knees seizing up and my groin was telling me that I would be limping for a week.

David had to help his old Dad up the stairs when we got home, and as I've trained him so well to do, he mocked me all the way up calling me old man and a big "girlie man" (I couldn't have been prouder).

David played a great game. He broke up a bunch of passes and made several very good catches. One of the guys "touched" him so hard that he went flying. It was probably the "hit" (touch) of the game. The young man who administered the blow, then helped David up and turned to me and said, "That's for an elbow in eye two players earlier". I guess my children do pay for the sin's of the parents.

But David is anything but a weenie and he wasn't about to take it. Later in the game, David had the opportunity to "touch" this young man (it actually looked more like a tackle with a throw down, rollover and an elbow administered to face…..but that couldn't have been the case as this was just a friendly game of "touch football"……so I must have seen it wrong). David helped the young man out (who had a smile on his face….he was a good sport and knew he had it coming), and the rest of the players mocked him (he's 18 years old) for letting a skinny 14 year old toss him around.

Needless to say, there were some Daddy and Duece high fives!

When we got home, we finished setting up the house and Gwen, Abby and Lydia were putting the finishing touches on the feast.

As I've sat here and written this, all of my family has arrived and I can hear them asking, "where is Scott". So it's time to go out and make an appearance and lick the fruit salad spoon (it's my favorite and I go to extreme's to keep people from wanting to eat it).

What a wonderful a life we have living in this blessed capitalistic country!

Thanks to all on these lists who have added so much to my life. I am truly grateful to all of you!


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