We're making Beer Can BBQ Chicken for Thanksgiving dinner today. I've got the small roaster chicken soaking in a brine solution with a little soy sauce, pepper, and garlic added. I will fire up the Weber Grill in an hour or so, and allow the coals to get just right, which should take about 40 minutes. The chicken will come out of the brine solution, will be washed and dried, then rubbed with olive oil, salt, and pepper. My son will drink a half of a can of beer, and I will take the other half and place it upright inside the cavity of the chicken. I'll put the whole bird, can and all, upright on the grill using a chicken stand. It will take over an hour and a half on the grill to get it just right. The beer will boil inside the chicken's cavity, making it the tastiest, moistest chicken on the planet. 10-15 minutes or so before the bird is done, I'll start basting the chicken with BBQ sauce. I'm lazy today, and will use some sweet sauce from Slim's, in Arcadia. I like my BBQ chicken well layered with BBQ sauce, and I enjoy a little caramelization in my sweet sauce, so will probably baste the chicken 4 times. While the chicken is grilling, I'll have John cut up some whole potatoes which we'll deep fry twice. Once to get them blanched, and the second time to get them very crispy. We'll have some cole slaw that's made from a package of premix, that I'll add some mayo, salt and pepper, sugar, and balsamic vinegar too. I also plan on serving some kalamata olives as an appetizer, and store bought pumpkin pie for dessert. Although this method of making BBQ chicken is unique, the finished product speaks for itself.





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