It's not as though this wasn't obvious or to be expected, but the academic job market already looks like it is going to be brutal this year. I'm not sure why, but anecdotal evidence suggests that last year was pretty bad too. Several students finishing their PhDs in math here at Michigan went on the job market last year and failed to find jobs. One of them in particular was supposed to be very good and was working with one of the best people in his sub-field. What really shocked me is that my weightlifting partner did not find a job. He did his PhD at Harvard and was an NSF postdoc fellow here. He has published in Inventiones Mathematicae (a top tier journal just below the Annals of Mathematics in prestige). These people stuck around for another year and are going back on the job market this year. Most universities post their math positions on I noticed several institutions have withdrawn advertisements for positions. Talking to friends in financial math who are looking for industry jobs is even worse. No one I know has been successful in his search. Don't be surprised if the person serving your coffee at Starbucks is a mathematician.





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