The game goes on…but it is never the same game with the same rules.

When the "game" at the game becomes discouraged, it goes upstairs/outside/underground and that type of transition is not usually pretty.

Jeff Watson writes:

Despite the change of rules, the game will still be played, and there will be winners and losers, so not much really changes. One must be able to adapt to the rules changes, just like a pitcher has to adapt to changing strike zones, or the height of the hill. As for the game at the game, that will probably disappear for awhile, only to reemerge in the future, morphed into another form, or even a repetition of the same old game. It's human nature that there will always be a game at a game, in one form or another. Old games never, ever die, and that's why one can go to any city and find Three Card Monte gangs still plying their trade.


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