I thought yesterday there was more bad news than I had ever seen on the news service. But today is even better. Here are 16 of 16 headlines on my news provider, and one should do a content analysis for the negatives. F.M. reports loss - asks for 14 billion, Europe falls into first recession as crisis deepens, US futures decline, SUN Micro to cut as slump worsens. Nokia cuts sales outlook as demand dwindles. Pan. deputies bought C after plunge, Libor rises on concern slump to hurt banks. Reserve Fund leaves investors at odds over liquidation plan. Accenture uses 'good crisis' to help clients shrink in recession. 'Dumb people' image may cost Wagoner GM job in bailout. Leaders agree on little else as Bush prepares exit, Icelanders protest enormous distress and delay in rescue plan. Luxury homes in London fall 20 % as bankers hope for job, J.C. Penney profits tumble 52%. Retail sales decline the most ever. Bern. says markets still under "severe strain", Tinto postpones investor meetings to study impact of crisis.  And: Spain restricts bank bond guarantees.

I thought that with the Intel and Walmart news headlines yesterday, every long was liquidated and the market had to go up, as it always does when Intel announces something bearish with the father figure thing, but today takes the cake. I think it could take a day here though.


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