Colors in Nature, from Riz Din

October 30, 2008 |

colorHarvard Magazine leads with an interesting look at the multiple uses of colour in nature. The article is promoting a new 'Language of Color' exhibition at the Harvard Museum of Natural History and is well worth reading for a broader appreciation of the various whys and hows of colour as a signalling mechanism in nature, with colours featuring as part of the evolutionary predator-prey arms race, and reminders that because humans are not the intended observers of most colour displays, the intended viewer often sees something different to the human eye. Also contains some great pictures. This stuff never ceases to amaze.

Quote: "One sex story fit for the tabloids concerns wrasses and parrotfish. In many species, the females in a group are much less colorful than the dominant male. If the male gets eaten, the dominant female changes her sex—and puts on those brilliant colors." Source.


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