Live from Baton Rouge, it’s Barron’s abridged:

Abelson: It is a great challenge being a worrywart right now. There are so many things to worry about, that it is hard to figure out what to worry about the most. An actual bull was lose in Newark and was lassoed, this is a bad omen for the stock market. Corporate Fat Cats set up a committee to undermine regulation and lawsuits that they don’t like. Growth stocks can be overpriced because there is career safety for money managers in buying well known names, says Jeremy Grantham. The sky is falling.

Page 18-20: Walmart not doing so hot, investors should apply a nice discount to shares. SWS group is a buy. The movie Saw 3 is so good that Lions Gate might do well.

Page 22: Evercore partners is overpriced, it is also risky since a lot of its revenue comes from a few clients.

Page 24: Adidas, which owns Reebok now, is looking pretty good because it is big in the world of soccer, a sport that is apparently big around the world. A guy from Evergreen thinks it can go up 30%.

M3: In case you have been in Spitsbergen all week, the Dow slipped below 12,000 at one point. Unemployment came in at 4.4%. Investors are worried about inflation. Guy from Banc of America says that is is going to be hard to make the case that inflation will be less than 3% for the next three years. In other news, no human character traits were observed in any of the well known indicies.

M4: CIT group could go up if it spins off its aircraft leasing business.

M5: Canada has proposed changing the way it taxes royalty trusts.

M6: Far Eastern stocks are cheap, and have been doing well, even though there is all sorts of crazy stuff going on over there. Goldman likes Daewoo Shipbuilding, and CSFB likes United Microelectronics. Thai banks could be a good short term play.

M9: UBS is pricey, this could be troubling because the more risk they take trading the more money they seem to lose. Plus, they are dependent on a large financial advisor force, which is expensive.

M10: Le-Nature filed for bankruptcy, which could be the start of a bad season for junk bonds and leveraged loans

M11: To hedge the election, buy DJX strangles.

M12: Orange juice prices are up due to a small crop. This affects KO and PEP. Randolph and Mortimer Duke unavailable for comment.

M18: Possibility of democratic win leading options players to hedge their prescription drug co. positions. CSFB says sell large cap health care and buy biotech - since the dems like throwing money at their favorite biotech fads. Overall risk perception in the broad market is low.

Page 29: The Big Money poll says that the Dow is going to 13,000 Democrats will gain in congress, rates will fall.

Page 36: Despite the fact that the world is, as a whole, the best fed it has ever been, Barron’s thinks that the population boom means people are going to starve in the future. It will take a lot of fertilizer to avoid that, so buy Potash.

Page 37: GPS stocks have been up lately.GPS devices are powered by chips made by SIRF Technology, buy it. Paul Wick looked like a fool telling people in Barron’s to short APCC, it got bought out right after publication. Logitech Z-10 interactive 2.0 speaker system if pretty good.

Page 38: We told you a few weeks ago that Oracle might go out and buy stuff, they are already at it. They bought Stellant, and it is a good fit for Oracle. Red Hat is up the creek without a paddle.

Page 39: Annuities can be a big ripoff, so if you are going to buy one do some research. …some good websites.

Page 41: There are more and more long-short mutual funds, so hedge funds better watch out.

Page 43: Technology mutual funds are very volatile, sometimes they are up big, sometimes they are down big. MFS Technology fund is no exception.

Page 44: ASV stock is down big, and should go lower. Nobody noticed that their mini bulldozers were piling up in inventory until the CEO abruptly quit. Investors should have noticed this earlier, but didn’t.

Page 45: Interview with Gary Greenberg, Muse Capital. He is a specialist in global investing. Unlike anyone else, he thinks renewable energy is a good long-term play. Naturally, he recommends a bunch of renewable energy stocks. He also likes CVS, the State bank of India, Lundin Mining, and British Airways.

Page 47: The stock and bond markets are giving divergent views on whether or not their will be a hard, soft, or no landing. Who knows?

Page 48: After ruining Lucent and HP, Carly Fiorina rights a mostly useless book, with no honest self-appraisal. See Dan Quayle’s book. Didn’t know he had one? That’s the point.

Page 49: We told you to buy US Steel. You should have, it has raised its dividend payout by 50%. The Canadian Gov’t is changing how it taxes royalty trusts. ACAS has been a great company for dividend owners, should continue to be. FCX and CHKE also raising payouts.

Page 50: You thought Brazil was an emerging market? Try Bulgaria. Emerging Emerging markets are now called Frontier markets. They key to not getting burned is to buy a good mutual fund that invests in these markets. If you want to invest in Africa, you should check out this site.Vietnam is already looking overbought.

Page 54: Politics needs more speech, not less. As it turns out, the Canadian politicians can’t be trusted either when it comes to stable tax policy





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