hot soupEarlier today I was at Beechwood Presbyterian Church to help with "Souper Saturday" held the last Saturday of each month. The church opens up its kitchen and dining room and volunteers come from various churches in the area on a rotating basis to help serve those who come to dine. The tables were set for 60 and those chairs were all filled with people in the area who walk in for a monthly free meal. I also asked and found that 55 dinners were 'to go' and they ran out of food tonight or more dinners would have been packaged. As last time I helped, I worked the dessert table and it kept me busy serving cookies, cupcakes, and cutting various pies. I was in the back of the room and from my vantage point could tell that those who came were hungry and enjoyed a hot meal. A blessing was given before the meal and after that no other items of any religious nature were invoked. Those who came could come and eat and leave when they were finished. It did me good to help serve tonight and made me thankful for all I have in my life. I also noted that there were many more people tonight than the last time I helped as a volunteer.


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