I firmly believe that cash flow will be king in the coming decade. Buying companies with a solid cash flow that do well in difficult times will allow the prudent investor to have the capital available to make purchases of other companies (and acquire their talent either thru acquisition or hiring them after they are laid off) during this depressed time.

Cash flow = money in the bank to buy depressed companies…..depressed companies that offer (what I believe to be) the great growth opportunity of the coming decade.

Kim Zussman writes: 

I keep trying to remember why my folks weren't buying stocks in the early 1970's: "cash flow" (used to be called money, like consumers were once citizens) was needed for things like mortgage, cars, food after coupons, and thread for mom to repair our clothes.

Darn socks - damn stocks

Alston Mabry adds:

Given the DS comment on the new cash flow ("I firmly believe that cash flow will be king in the coming decade."), I have the temerity to re-post this link of mine from 2006.


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