Normally we try to stick to education and not commerce on this site, but one of our members has insights and asked us to post this for him . As Horatio Bump said of Davey Crockett "I believe that Dr. Goulston is a man of integrity and insight". Vic.

Mark Goulston announces:

Sadly there is much more brightness (how to turn nothing into something) and smartness (how to turn something into everything) in this world than wisdom (knowing what is important and worth fighting for and what's not). If you want to bathe yourself in the wisdom of one of the wisest people you will ever listen to, you and your teams should attend the live webinar:

Move from Managing to Leading, with Warren Bennis

Warren Bennis, the foremost authority on leadership in the world, will be interviewed by Dr. Mark Goulston, one of our Daily Speculations contributors on Oct. 28 from 9:30-11 AM PST/11:30-2 PM EST. The forementioned link will enable you to receive a discount on this [$] event.





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