tbMy daughter, PhD candidate, coauthored this paper. At my level of understanding how this might relate to markets is that TB deceives its host through a signaling process on a micro scale that affects its virulence. This study on a micro level shows that the answer to the question, how does news affect the market, and how might it be approached from the micro level. It is interesting how the scientists look at spectometry charts to see some of the effects and how some of the chart are simlar to stock return charts or charts of micro structure. In a different vein, Vic and Laurel wondered how mixtures and or enzymes in chemical reactions might be a good model for markets.

The news is some sort of signaling process, as is price itself. The virulence of the reaction is certainly described in the market microstructural property or in broader quantitative characteristics. . Micro study lends itself to shorter terms predictions, but I see no reason why it cannot be aggregated to higher time levels. Recent market news has allowed a virulent government meme to invade and virtually take over our banking and market systems and allowed government ownership of our banks. Perhaps takeover of the markets themselves is next. The hypothesis is that government is the disease not the cure and its growth is like that of TB or cancer.





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