I got to ride in a Combine last night for the first time in my life. Neat  experience. My farmer and I were talking as we watched coons run out of the corn. One of the things he said that this is a very unusual year. Corn  prices are rising nicely going into harvest….according to him, not a  normal occurrence.

Michael Ott replies:

Prices usually go down around harvest time because farmers are forced to increase supply because they simply can’t store any more corn. Most farmers have decent storage capability on their farms and sell throughout the year when they get a good price or need money. Obviously at harvest time storage is at a premium, so overflow goes immediately to market.

The huge demand for local corn due to ethanol has dramatically shifted the use, storage, and transportation of billions of bushels of corn. We’re seeing a lot of interest in building grain elevators, railheads and other fixed installations. I think this is the next wave of biofuels spending, because investing in new grain ethanol plants is nearly dead.

J.T. Holley Replies:

My buddy has a Deere 9660 with a satellite equipped system that literally drives the combine for ya “hands-free”. It also has A/C and XMFM built in. He could literally utilize wireless internet connection w/ a laptop, trade, harvest crop, and have lunch/dinner in that bad boy! Once seeing and riding in that fine piece of machinery you know why Mr. Simon won his bet.





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