Jay Cost’s Horse Race Blog was the best single source of political information for the 2004 race. Alas, Mr. Cost is now pursuing his doctorate in political science at the University of Chicago and has retired his blog. He still writes for Real Clear Politics occasionally. Before the election, he saw the Democrats picking up between 15 and 18 seats in the House; being a biased Republican I thought the range would be 12 to 16.Jay and I will both be dining on humble pie and crow for a while. He can make his own explanation. Mine is that I failed to look at what was the appropriate parallel — the Korean War elections. In 1950 the Democrats lost 28 seats; in 1952 they lost another 22, and the Republicans gained control of the House. I should have listened to the smart people in my clan, all of whom are women. As mother, wife and daughter reminded me this morning, “Americans don’t like foreign wars, especially those where the natives seem not be willing to do any of the fighting.”





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