Last weekend I went to play in a tournament in Tenerife. On the Sunday I was not quite as careful with my luggage as usual (it was Spain and I was relaxed), leaving it in the luggage compartment of the bus that would take us to the airport. It was going to be locked, but still… When they heard what I’d done some GM colleagues enjoyed recounting various luggage horror stories, adding to the torture with looks of mock concern. And Bojan Kurajica told me about how he’d lost his luggage once in Germany, apparently the victim of a perfect crime.

He left it in a locker at a railway station, taking the key and setting off for some tourism. When he came back his luggage was gone with no sign of a forced entry. He complained to the authorities who were as dumbfounded as he was - they even asked him if he had the right locker. Eventually he figured out what had happened.

The locker keys could be duplicated for just a few DM, so the thief would deposit some money to get the key, have it duplicated and then wait. As soon as he saw someone deposit valuable looking luggage he’d use his duplicate key to open the locker and make off with the luggage. A theft in broad daylight at a crowded station and with very little risk. The perfect crime?





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