A MillhoneSeptember 8th to 13th in Medina, Ohio I will have the privilege of being the Match Referee for a 20 game match between two fine gentlemen of color, for the "Free Style" World's Checker Title (held by Tommie Wiswell of Brooklyn, N.Y. for many years till he retired from the game and relinquished his title). Ron 'Suki' King of Barbados has held this coveted title for 19 years now. His opponent is from Port Elizabeth, South Africa by the name of Lubabalo Kondlo, who through the sponsorship of Vic and Laurel was able to come to Vegas twice last year to first win the ACF National Championship and then come back and win the WCDF World Qualifier and the right to issue a challenge to Mr. King.

While these two men play each other for the week I will watch the clock they use and will record the moves they make. Both men exhibit the highest level of sportsmanship and make my job almost unnecessary! Lubabalo will arrive in Columbus, Ohio a week before the match and will be a guest in my home and will have access to my Checker library and be able to relax and sleep off any jet lag.

Lubabalo emailed me today and will be on national TV in South Africa before he leaves for America. He has no computer nor Internet (too poor) and walks 10 miles each way to a Somalian grocery store once a week to use the Internet cafe' there to keep in touch with me.

And you thought you have it tough at times! LOL


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