Musashi, from Jim Sogi

July 29, 2008 |

J Sogi
GM Nigel writes that Musashi preferred wooden weaponry because he found them more reliable. I'm glad he mentioned Musashi — who describes three strategies:

  1. Attack.
  2. Retreat.
  3. Attack while retreating.

The third is very interesting and useful when outnumbered or fighting a larger but slower foe. Running fast, the opponents stretch their line in chase, then quickly stopping for a quick reversal and attacking a few then continuing on with the retreat. Timing is critical, but it throws the opponent off balance. It gives the fighter the chance to pick his spot, rather than be cornered where the opponent is strongest. You see this often in the Samurai movies where the protagonist runs, then turns and slashes a few, and runs on. Its often good to use the cover of darkness to aid the strategy or timed when the opponents guard is down or balance is off.





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