J SogiOne of the elements of posture is focus. In a fighting stance, the eyes should look ahead in line with the head. The eyes should not focus too sharply on a specific thing, such as the opponent's fists or head. The focus should be soft, and there should be a general awareness of the surroundings and behind, below and above. Specific focus on the opponent's hands leaves opening to the opponent for feints and deception, or telegraphs to the opponent the plan of attack to the head. It also leaves open side swipes and diverts alertness to attacks from left field.

In the counting approach to trading, with statistics and math, there is a tendency to focus too sharply due to the illusion of precision. It is better to keep awareness of things outside the area of focus or research to avoid blindsiding. Some examples of things to watch for are the increased margin required by brokers, news, regulatory changes.





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