Pull towardNever in my life do I experience such a force, an intense unbelievable drive to right my wrongs in the quickest form possible by doing something completely and utterly insane, as when my account suffers as a result of a poor trading decision, outside of my trading plan. In line with James Sogi's piece "Mistakes were made" and its reference to Cognitive Dissonance, and how a chain of events can spiral out of control, I believe it's not the initial mistake, and not adhering to your trading plan, that causes the major issues in remaining profitable and being successful. It is the subsequent immense urge that wants to right these wrongs, and drive you into oblivion.

The human seems to be at its weakest at this time, or maybe the natural competitiveness to stay on a righteous path and motor forward is the primitive instinct. However what I do know is that it takes every bit of my will power to fight this urge, and it only loosens its grip when I have a success and have the account moving back in the right direction.

This could explain why a lot of people do a lot of stupid things, as they meander through life without any discipline plan or focus: we need these to take stock and have something to measure against, when all goes pear shaped. Without a game plan, we are all doomed.

Riz Din adds:

On the occasion when trading off-plan blows a massive hole in one's account, I have experienced another base sensation that reminds me of some personal accounts of gruesome shark attacks. The adrenaline rush is so strong that these people sometimes feel no pain during the worst of it. It's nature's anaesthetic. One man describes a feeling of almost beautiful serenity, knowing his time was up as he bobbed about helplessly in the water, but feeling no great pain. This chap was apparently saved by dolphins and went on to have hundred of stitches. If you live, the pain comes later. 





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