Lava, from James Sogi

July 1, 2008 |

 This weekend we went to the southern part of the island where the lava is flowing into the sea. We launched the boat through moderate breakers and headed south to where the lava was flowing. The lava poured into the sea creating a huge cloud of steam a thousand feet tall that billowed up in mushroom formations sending off small tornadoes from the heat. The ocean was literally boiling and the heat from the lava spread out hundreds of feet or more. Explosions of molten lava send red glowing cascades of molten lava through the air. The strangest thing were football size chunks of lava floating in the ocean. One of the guys had welding gloves and picked up the floating lava chunk, broke it open revealing red hot molten lava inside the chunk! It was crazy and beyond belief. Its not at all what you would think could occur, floating lava. Go figure. But there it was. There are things in nature that defy belief. Almost like today's market. Mind boggling.





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