I just now honked at Officer Davis as he tries to direct the crush of traffic at our local Belpre Starfire that is still selling gas at 3.62 .

Down the street Speedway and Kroger gas lots are empty as they are now 3.89/3.99 and finally , 4.09 for premium . I say finally because the news media has pushed hard for 4.00 gas in their reporting for the Summer driving season.

Now I see talk of a second stimulus package !





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  1. acetrader on May 8, 2008 11:07 am

    Need to remind the “general public” that “A God-given right to cheap gas” is NOT in the Constitution! Can’t wait to get the next prez in office so these pinheads see that there is no magic bullet to lower prices….hint: move closer to your J-O-B, hint: buy a car that gets 30+ miles to the gallon…yet even with slowing US demand, guess what, there are 2 billion people in China and India that want to drive too!


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