Religion is good for most people. Others with logic on their mind do not take to it well. Philosophers and big brain people scoff. Let ‘em. It’s not for them so why do they make an issue of it?

Religion is for people who need it. And why deprive people of a valuable resource, both spiritually and materially since life is so, so short and happiness is so so difficult to come by?

If Randians praise happiness and are atheists they surely ought to understand why others also seek happiness. What difference does it make how one comes to happiness?

Philosophy is nonsense. Leave people alone in their happiness. I recommend this book: The Power of Kindness by Piero Ferrucci. Be kind to fools and thinkers alike. It won’t hurt a bit.

Gary Rogan replies:

Religion does bring happiness to many people, that’s undeniable. Studies in behavioral psychology have indicated that human beings are genetically predisposed towards religious beliefs. Evil ideologies have in the past tried to control religious thought because it interfered with their attempts at mind control, therefore one always has to be suspicious at such attempts. Religious freedom is a litmus test of free societies.

Nevertheless, by definition religious beliefs are not rational. People are trained from childhood not to exercise the same level of skepticims towards “facts” associated with religions as they would towards most other subjects. Therefore, when a significant number of people acquire similar religious beliefs, religion often stops being just a force for personal fulfillment and becomes an organization force to achieve some real-world ends. Since religious beliefs cannot be argued with on a rational basis, if they happen to contain elements of intolerance or imposition of one’s will on others, they can and have led to great injustices imposed on those who don’t profess them. Even today, it’s a real possibility for whole cities and contries to be blown up in the name of religion.

The shifting lines between rationality and “magical” thinking patterns is something that has been with us since the dawn of our species. There are obviously no easy answers. People should be left alone in their happiness, but any attempts to impose their “happiness” on others need to be stopped.





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