It is not good to take another’s property.Not good spiritually. Not good in terms of the real world of Smith and Wesson and lawyers; it doesn’t work. There is a penalty to be paid.

All ultimately pay for violating others’ rights. Socialism sells itself as fair by taking property from one class and giving it to another. I grew up as poor as anyone but was shown, early on, that it is wrong to take — steal — my neighbor’s raspberries, simply because he had them and we didn’t. Why should his work reward me? Can you answer this in your doctrine of fairness? The raspberries were not mine, not of my work, and for me to take them injured my neighbor. That’s the key to socialism: injure someone to gain control over another group.

Is it fair to another person for me to use what he has built and not compensate him for it?

Is it fair that I come over to your house and take something you created and convert it to mine? Give me your address and tell me when you won’t be home and I’ll know how much of a socialist you really are.

Give me your address and I will only take what I want — like all good socialists. It is inherently wrong that you have things I do not have and the only way to correct this is for you to give them to the state to give to me, or give them directly to me.

The most important right of them all is the right to own property. Abridge that right at your expense. That’s how I see it.





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