As the market goes back and forth, trying to scare out the longs and then the shorts in one market or the other, stocks, bonds, et. al., and a call for more barbecue appears on this web site, one thinks of Beethoven's meeting with Rossini, when Rossini came to pay honor to the downtrodden, overlooked Beethoven in 1814 while he was in eclipse to the popular Italian operas. "Give us more Barber" Beethoven said, "and whatever you do, stick to comic opera."

What we need is more square dancing. The market going back and forth, in its very civil way, around unchanged, it's like a do si do. We need more square dancing insights (and other dancing insights) into markets.

Art Cooper replies:

It reminds me of a merengue, the partners circling each other slowly and majestically (although the tempo of the music might become frantic), sometimes twisting their handholds into intricate pretzels, sometimes separating completely while remaining "tied" to each other, their steps remaining small, each partner suggesting actions which are never quite realized.

Jim Sogi adds:

In ballroom dancing you have the basic box step, a square pattern, then after a few of those, a line step. I'm not sure what they call it, but when you dance forward or back and cover some ground. Like the market did last week, then down. Now box step, then… In country dancing, a move is sometimes punctuated by swinging your partner around in a spin. It all has a nice rhythm and feel to it with a lot of back and forth motion and various patterns set to a cadence. Our markets sure have a nicer feel to it now than the head banging mosh pit earlier this year.

Recently, The Sunbaked Spec gave me an Indo Board to play with.  Its lots of fun. It's a board on a single roller and you have to balance on it, and roll it back and forth. At first I couldn't understand why he gave it to me, but now I do. It's the perfect physical demonstration of how the markets have this tendency to roll quickly to one side or the other. Like Friday with the down volume multiples of up, or today slamming the other direction up, and Monday and Tuesday balanced in the middle. Its fun, but you have to watch out because if you are off balance, you will fall on your butt. Kind of like trading.

Duncan Coker comments:

This market of late is definitely a Quick Step, one of the fastest and most complex of the Ballroom dances. It is full of syncopated steps, explosive running and hopping moves with lots of rotation and momentum. It has some similarities to a waltz but is a dance in 4/4 time. But many of the step are 1/8th note duration and very fast. It was most popular during the Jazz Age, when the wire houses, pools and syndicates moved the markets, when fortunes were made and lost at the bucket shops and curbs.


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