For some time, I've wanted to give my dissertation on the art of BBQ, Texas style. I fondly remember my years in Texas where I enjoyed many a fine BBQ delight. I must confess that the cuisine they have in Kansas City is awesome too. It is quite a study how the simple art of cooking on a grill can vary so much over the country. I'm sure someone has written on this topic.

When I was moved to Houston in the early 1960s I came to enjoy Texas style barbecued brisket. After LBJ took office his caterer, Walter Jetton, became famous for cooking at gatherings at the LBJ ranch. In 1965 Walter published LBJ Barbecue Cook Book and I started following his recipes. I recall serving BBQ venison at a New Year's Eve party that was very popular with my guests. The trick is to slow cook the brisket to tenderize it. Key to this style is to have a light "mop sauce" to baste the meat. After the meet is cooked, it is sliced (across the grain) and slopped with "serving sauce". It sounds complicated but it is well worth the effort. Sort of like making homemade Neapolitan tomato sauce rather than buying a jar of sauce. Well worth the extra effort.

Recently I was able to find a copy of Jetton's cook book. Isn't the Internet a marvelous resource for finding out of print books? Reading it sure revived old memories.

And then there is the enigma of why beans are banned from Texas chili. But that is another story!


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