I recently began playing with Evernote, an application for capturing and organizing information featured in Wired recently:

Evernote wants to be a database for every bit of knowledge in your life. It takes all of the digital data you collect throughout your day, both the important and the inconsequential, and stores them in a centrally-located library that's accessible in an instant whenever you need it. The software, which runs on multiple platforms and exists as a web service, collects whatever you throw at it — photos, web clippings, hand-written notes — and indexes everything for you. The result is that your life instantly becomes annotated and searchable. You can tag items and add comments to remind yourself why you saved something. Evernote can even search text and handwriting within photos, thanks to some awesome text recognition capabilities.

It's currently in limited Beta release; if anyone would like an invite, just shoot me an note:Dylan D


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