EggsIt's Spring and Easter and the free range chickens are all laying eggs in our yard. They lay their eggs right in the garden next to the garden gate. Each day I take the eggs, but leave one or two. You see, the chickens can't count. They don't realize their eggs are gone, but they have this uneasy feeling that something may not be quite right. So they lay more eggs. Each day we get fresh eggs to eat.

This shows the importance of counting. Even simple counts give one an advantage in the markets and avoids having to lay eggs every day to feed the counters. It avoids that odd feeling of unease that something is not right in the markets.

Chickens also lack courage and judgment. These are valuable attributes for a trader. From whence do these attributes arise? From heredity? From knowledge? From experience? From preparation? Simple counting is a good start. But it alone is not enough. One has to look around at the weather, at people, at the earth and look inwards as well.


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