Wiswell ProblemOne of Tom Wiswell's very favorite proverbs was "Take care of the draws, and the wins will take care of themselves." Tom was undefeated world checker champion for 25 years before retiring undefeated.

Russ Sears adds:

You don't beat the best at the beginning, you beat them at the end. You've got to have a kick at the end. The runner capable of relaxing the most will be capable of accelerating the most. The art is knowing which type of kick will make your opposition crumble, the long hard kick or the short burst to the finish line. In other words, know when to apply leverage, and don't overapply leverage or you will be left behind when the real opportunity presents itself. The art is knowing when the real opportunities present themselves, but it's most likely when everybody else is tightening up and panicking.


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