I went to grade school with a kid named Nimrod Hemphill. Now, I was told that Nimrod was a Bibilical name, but still, it was a mistake since Nimrod was something that we called other kids as insult as we didn't know it was a real name until Nimrod Hemphill showed up.
Then there was a girl named Adakki Gion (pronounces Uh Dock EE Gee ahn). I mean, what were her parents thinking?
Then there was the kid named Medgar Evans. In grade school none of us really knew who Medgar Evers was, but later on in life, I'm sure this kid had a pretty strong reputation to live up to up due to the "one letter difference" between their names.
Then in college there was a kid named Damian Sattan. Sattan was pronounced Suh Ton ("ton" rhymed with "don"). He was actually a very nice guy who seemed completely normal. His name was something that he'd gotten over and didn't think twice about.
As I've watched people give their kids really bad names, I wonder if they are dooming their kids to life bereft of success. Having grown up in a racially mixed neighborhood (50/50 white/black), I saw a lot of unfortunate names and have wondered what the effect of that name was on the kids as they become adults. It causes an extra hurdle for that person on the road to success.


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