At Starbucks, from Ken Smith

March 23, 2008 |

WomanNo one knows, really, what old age means until he gets there. Age is a disability. When I was a teen I wished to be 21. Little did I realize getting old was not desirable.

Next birthday I'll be 80 but as I look around I see I am in much better shape than most men my age. My wife is three years younger and she is in much better shape than most women her age. It's in our genes. You don't got good genes, you don't got longevity. Or you might have longevity and a crippled body, crippled mind. Genes gotta be perfect for all-around good fellow type at 80.

I was just at Starbucks, sitting in a corner watching people come and go. I observe. My sight got stuck on a lovely creature who could be 40 or could be 50. She walked in with a fellow in that age category, guy was neatly dressed in blue jeans, black car coat covering a dark blue sport coat; reasonably handsome fellow. This lady finally noticed my gaze and after the initial recognization she gave me the pleasure of looking towards me again, acknowledging my acknowledgment of her beauteous attraction.

So I don't feel so old now.


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