Every day, people weaned on a program done 30 years ago by me and my wife, and updated and improved many times since, and imitated on many occasions, have a series of breakfast club meetings, and extensions in a million directions to see how the day's events are stacking up against the past. Usually a few salient characteristics are given, and a hundred similar observations are digested. Today I could not resist a pre- breakfast club meeting, and found: literally no observations of any degree of similarity over the past 15 years.





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  1. David Whitesel on March 21, 2008 12:24 pm

    Perhaps its because there is never a time like the present? i offer up two data points for your review. i am thinking that these relative data sets have never occured before.
    The story begins in March 2000

    March 2000 had 22 trading days.
    There were 4947 companies trading stock in the Nazdaq during March 2000.

    Total Monthly exchange volume was 44,682,703,641
    The Total Volume was done using trades 54,601,890
    Of The volume Block Vol was 15,240,913,856
    The block Volume was taken with block trades 603,487

    Move forward to March 2008 reporting 10 days of trading.

    Avg # of Companies trading; 3259

    After 10 Days Total Volume has been 23,809,484,352
    After 10 days Total Trades used 89,501,577
    After 10 days Total Block Vol has been 2,800,718,127
    After 10 Days Total Block trades used 83,205


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