Temps in Aspen are tracking ~10F below average for this time of year. I remember past lousy snow conditions hereabouts as the season wound down going into Spring, but I can see 6 foot drifts out my window now, and the locals all report best conditions ever. There's even talk of extending the season a couple of weeks through the end of April.

On a less cheerful note, the town does feel emptier than usual at spring break, and though retailers report good activity, traffic through realtors' offices appears to be down. Existing construction projects are continuing, and I heard of a new 18,000 sf house (not a typo) going up downvalley, with bids being let for plumbing, etc.





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  1. Anonymous on March 20, 2008 8:20 am

    Just back from Vail. Place was packed, mostly South Americans. Resturants were full and the building continues at a brisk pace with a Ritz Carlton and Four Seasons going up.

  2. Mulholland Drive Street Racer on March 26, 2008 6:44 pm

    Just got back from Mountain Village last night. Melting fast. The top was OK in the morning hours, but by afternoon became corny. Also, observed many South Americans. Saw more For Sale signs then this past August in the town of Telluride. Mammoth will be open through the 4th of July with conditions like most of Colorado now!


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