There is something about the financial markets and Fed rate cuts that reminds me of starting a fire on the barbecue with damp, plain old charcoal briquettes.
You try stacking the year-old bricks all in a tight pyramid and then mix in a bit of lit newspaper. Then comes a splash of charcoal lighter fluid — whumph — big burst of flame. Then flame subsidence and just a hint of gray on the obstinate, charcoal edges. Time to grab the newspaper and start fanning the glowing embers — doggone it, it is just smoking now — no heat.
But wait, let's try hitting it again with some more fluid— crikey! — smoky, unappetizing hydrocarbon-rich odor — no flame this time. Re-light and hit it with fluid — whumph. Ah, fire again, the joy of grill pyromania. But fuel-free is supposed to be the ideal method — sans experimentation and fun.


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