Time for the trader psychology profile evaluation

1. Before, during, and after trades you are:

A. Anxious, miserable, regretful
B. Strapped, teetering, busted
C. Wined, rummed, beered
C. Aroused, orgasmic, disgusted

2. What do you think of when asked to define empathy?

A. "Everyone but me is wrong"
B. "I'm pithy"
C. Oskar Schindler's feeling towards cheap labor
D. Blue to the color-blind

3. Which of the following dreams do you recall?

A. You were the captain of the Titanic and you sank the iceberg with your six-shooter
B. You won the Scarlett Johannsen date on eBay and she fell in love with you.
C. Your self-doubt resulted in the permanent disappearance of your image in the mirror
D. Scientists discovered that Ptolemy was wrong because the big-bang vector run backward to the beginning of time has the locus of origin in your left frontal lobe

4. The role of the government in capital markets is:

A. To reduce standard deviation in evolution
B. To increase sexual deviation in government
C. To prod downer cows into the slaughterhouse

5. When you compare your results to others

A. Their successes are random accidents
B. Your successful accidents had clear purpose
C. Others are irrelevant because they all lie
D. You can't recall which account is the one you brag about

6. The boundary between causation and coincidence

A. Is impossible to determine
B. Is defined by your dura mater
C. Was defined at your alma mater, but you cut class
D. Your winners evidence causation, your losers are a coincidence

7. Rank the pain:

A. Short an up market
B. Long a down market
C. Missing a big movement
D. Having a big movement


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