DragonsIn Dragons of Eden: Speculations on the Evolution of Human Intelligence, Carl Sagan discusses the evolution and structure of the human neural system as being split into the right and left halves of the brain, and the R complex, the limbic system and neocortex. The right half does patterns, the left half does math and language. The neocortex is the thinking brain, the R complex is the reptilian id, the limbic system creates emotions. Many of these functions are in conflict with each other. I wonder how these different functions operate in trading and can only presume that their different functions create many of the dissonances experienced during trading. The right brain sees patterns, but the left brain doesn't like the average gain. The neocortex says stay in the trade, but the limbic system has the trader all upset and blood pressure high, then the R complex fight or flight reflex causes an early exit. I like to keep my order screen on my lower right. The charts on the left, and the quotes on the right. Seems to fit the neural set up better.


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