My office is a built like a big three story house with a metal roof (tin, copper, something has a green tinge to it). It looks very classy, but the roof is flat and very slick. Last year, I was sitting at my desk talking to my secretary seated across from me when the whole building began to shake like there was an earthquake. The shaking got much worse and then all of a sudden there was an incredibly loud series of booms (really, they sounded like explosions) and then silence. My secretary and I stared at each other in disbelief, wondering what had just happened. My other staff came running to my office wondering what that was. I went outside to look and couldn't believe what I saw. The entire front of the office building was covered in ice. Not just pieces of ice, but giant chunks of ice. We had had an ice storm the week before followed by snow, then more ice, then snow, then more ice followed by cold — an incredibly bitter cold snap. The ice and snow had frozen solid, creating a large sheet of ice on the roof. I don't know how thick it was, but it had be at least six inches. After several days of thaw, the ice began to slip off the metal roof. The sheet of ice that came off the roof was huge! It put holes in the dirt ground and broke the concrete sidewalk. It came inches from falling on several parked cars. If it had hit the cars, it would have crushed them. If anyone had been walking on that sidewalk when the ice slid off, it would have almost certainly killed him.





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