CigarsNote the recent cigar show in Cuba where thousands attended from 40 countries (sans the USA). Last year a box of fine Cuban cigars sold there for $828,000! A lot of money to go up in smoke. Over the years I have been around some cigar smokers and most seem to share a similar demeanor. Joe Schwartz, a master checker player from Florida, carries a bag full of cigars to chew upon when playing in a tournament, but I have yet to see him light one. Our daughter used to live in Charlotte and on occasion going down that way we would top in Statesville at J.R.'s. The entire back of the store is dedicated to cigars of all descriptions and cigar humidors, etc. I don't smoke but always enjoyed venturing back into that huge room to see all the cigars they stock. Some years ago I was in London and was looking for something special for an old friend back home. I walked into a tobacco store and asked the manager what I could buy for my friend back home and he replied, " Cuban cigars." I bought a pack and took them back home for my friend. Herb was really pleased with my gift. Cigar smoking, I hear, is on the decline.





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