Aphorisms, from Alan Millhone

February 27, 2008 |

"Liars figure, but figures don't lie" was one of my late father's favorite expressions. Just saw that the median home price has fallen 4% in the past three years and new home sales are the slowest in nearly 13 years. I suspect OPEC will announce the same production levels and gasoline prices will go up another dime till it reaches $4.00 a gallon at the pumps. Also I notice a lot of carpetbaggers are crawling out of the woodwork offering to 'help' those who are losing their homes. With the influx of tourists pouring into the USA with empty suitcases, the Euro might become a secondary currency in America. Our Dollar is of little value in most of the world. My favorite saying? "In G-d We Trust, all others pay cash."

Kim Zussman extends:

All big declines start as small declines
Most small declines are reversed

Most small declines are reversed
Except the ones you buy

Most big advances test neutral
Except the ones you hold, which reverse

Stocks drift upward over long periods
Except those in which you have overplus to invest

Declining periods are shorter than advancing periods
But when you focus on your P&L time stands still

Free markets work best
But not without the Fed put

Human capital is the best investment
Outside of commodities

Stocks and real estate are the best investments
Until you notice how well they do

Bull markets start the moment you decide never to invest in stocks

Success in what matters scales inversely to IQ and directly with charm

If you aren't laughing at yourself then you don't get the joke

Unlike women, chicken is unappetizing when anatomically correct

Trading success is the vector sum of {thorough research}+{strict discipline} in positive luck-space

Bald people would give anything for hair
Hairy people will do anything to get rich
Rich people will pay anything for love
Love is the main cause of hair loss





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