License PlateSome states have started mandatory use of color coded license plates for vehicles owned by individuals convicted of driving while intoxicated, driving under the influence, etc.

In this state they are considering a yellow plate. Maybe the numbers on the yellow plate will indicate the number of prior convictions. Don't know.
br> In my drinking days I spent a half day with a fellow heavy drinker, mostly on his porch and living room, swilling booze of various sorts.  In a blackout I went out to my car, unfortunately parked in his driveway, and passed out in the front seat.

The drinking buddy had a working wife who came home while my car was parked in her space.  She raised hell with her husband but could not rouse him as he was passed out on his front lawn.

She called the police department.  Big cop roused me but I was in a deep fog and would not obey his directions to get out of the car.  He pulled me out by my feet onto the pavement.  The fog would not lift and I was unable to obey his instructions in a lively manner as he directed.

This cop was a big guy, strong as a bull.  He grabbed my ankles and held me upside-down, shaking out my wallet, wanted me to show him identification.  I told him I was doing my best, maybe he should draw his gun and shoot me.  I said that more than once, stayed laid out on the house driveway — was not on public property.

That did it for him; he left in disgust.  The little lady came out again, told me to get in the car and leave. Well, that I was able to find the starter and key is just simply amazing.  All the way across town I never once saw anything with single vision; all was doubled, had to constantly calculate which of the visions I should follow.

Made it home without accident or another encounter the the Men in Blue.

Scott Brooks replies:

I'm glad Ken's drinking days are behind him. We all make mistakes, but most of us are lucky to get away with it without incident.

In 1979, my mother, who was recently diagnosed with MS that had luckily gone into remission, was able to go back to work. One day, she was rear-ended by a drunk driver.

She nearly died. The trauma caused her MS to come out of remission. The decade or so afterward, she was a total mess. Then one day her MS went back into remission.

That driver caused my mom to lose a decade of her too short life (she died from MS in 2004 at age 58).

I commend Ken for having the courage to not only talk about his past, but that he's had the courage to change and become the man that he is!





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